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CRONOXY SOFT, "command to be executed", a team built around a vast experience in the online field, we've been developing from presentation websites, to complex administration platforms used in conferences and events or in internal processes for HORECA companies.

CRONOXY SOFT, "we do IT all", we deliver various projects, custom built software, depending on our clients' needs. We work with companies from Romania, Canada (Montreal) and Europe (London, Edinburgh).

Our projects involve technologies for mobile applications (Android, iOS), face recognition applications (C++, OpenCV, Dlib, Big Data, Python, Couchbase, Elasticsearch), Facebook applications, Animations (three.js), Data visualization (D3, GoJS), E-mail marketing platforms integrations (MailChimp, Mad Mimi), online payment solutions (PayPal, Stripe, Netopia mobilPay, web2sms), VOIP applications (Asterisk, Twilio, Digium), continuous integration and delivery (Jenkins), infrastrucure monitoring (Shinken), services management and deployment (Salt, Puppet), project management and agile development (Redmine) and more (Php, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, RabbitMQ, Yii, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Git).

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websites building

In the continuously evolving Internet world, we see websites as virtual paths to your business, multiple online tools working all toghether, helping you to get closer to your potential clients and make them understand that you are the best choice for them.

Today there is nothing more important than a perfect structured content, delivered to your visitors' eyes through a perfect design, regardless of the device they are using.

Always keep in mind that the initial impression, the first thought that your audience will have about you, makes the big difference between you and your competitors.

Contact us today if you want to build a strong online presence for your business.

mobile applications

Even though we build responsive websites, that are designed to look and respond well on every device, we do recommend building mobile applications for more specific tasks like: online ticketing, food and taxi ordering, maps and travelling guidance, learning and collaboration, remote control applications, games, communication etc. It's easier to open an application that will take you directly to what you want to do, than a website.

We build mobile applications, for Android and iOS, that can help you reach faster to your customers' needs and expectations.

Please give us some details about your product or idea in order to start a great collaboration.

facebook applications

From the beginning of our software company, we have built almost all products in a personalized way, to satisfy our customers' ambitions. From custom built websites, ERP platforms, e-commerce solutions, to conferences and events administration platorms and face recognition applications.

We use technologies than can easily scale in order to maintain a high availability for our cutomers' systems.

Let us know if you have some custom bright idea that you want to build today.

custom software

In the past few years, online marketing strategies have a new tool to use in reaching its audience, Facebook applications. There are a lot of ways to get in touch with users, from all kind of games to education, travelling, fashion, music, food or sports applications. The experience offered by these apps, integrated into the social media daily behaviour, can get you in front of your competitors and make you sell your products with less investments.

Today we can start toghether a new stage of your evolving business.

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